Claiming Feminine with Shae Lamond

I had the pleasure of meeting Shae Lamond when I did my yoga teacher training in Bali in 2017. Her calm and soothing demeanour was such a joy to be around and her teaching and philosophy around yoga were very inspiring.

Shae now teaches workshops in Bali, all around finding, and claiming our feminine. I was very happy to have Shae on the podcast. You can read the excerpt from the podcast and listen to the full episode below.


It’s been such a weird year and it must be so quiet there in Bali! How are you?

There is no one here. It’s empty. It’s I’ve never seen Bali like this. I’ve been here for five years and I’ve never seen it this quiet and I’m really enjoying it. It’s nice. As stressful as everything else is that’s going on right now and there’s a lot of like sad things happening with people at the moment throughout this pandemic. But my work has been flourishing, my health has been pretty good. At first I was like ‘I can’t be so happy right now because others are suffering’. And it’s like, no, actually, like this is really helpful to maintain a positive outlook, to maintain a positive energy. Maybe there’s something more to look forward to now it’s like, this is the time to just sort of reset everything.

Going back to when we met in Bali in 2017, you were a teacher on my training. Now you’re not so much in a studio setting anymore. Tell me what’s been happening since then!

Oh my gosh. Just a whole ton of growth in terms of really understanding myself at a deeper level and what I wanted to invest my energy into. [When I met you] I was really finding my footing in teaching more and really loving that feeling of helping people to get into their bodies, but also embody themselves.

So over the next two years after the training, I stayed at the studio and I was teaching multiple classes a day, almost every day of the week. Just really understanding my voice, more learning how to speak up more and just becoming a more powerful version of myself.

So I started doing a lot of workshops in the studio that I was teaching based on goddess embodiment and feminine dance and that was really inspiring. And I felt more excited about doing these experiences than I was about teaching the regular studio classes anymore. I felt myself wanting to expand more. I led a retreat for women in Bali and one month after that, at the end of last year, I quit teaching at the studio.

I wanted to play in retreats, feminine dance, you know, women’s circles., I left the studio in a really harmonious and beautiful way. It wasn’t chaotic, it wasn’t painful. It was just beautiful because I left at the right time. I left. You know, when I felt the inkling to leave, I didn’t wait a few more months or a year and build resentment over it.

You’re now hosting these women’s circles and retreats, what does that involve?

So the moment I’m still writing (I’m a freelance writer). I’m also coaching women, one-to-one on a feminine embodiment and I’m leading like good immersions online. And I lead monthly women’s circles and retreats, which I had to cancel both of their retreats this year, but I’ve got another one next year.

You do a lot of work in the feminine energy space. For those who might be new to this, what is the difference between the masculine and feminine energy and why do we need both?

Firstly, recognising our relationship to the word and then you can start to dismantle it. And the way that I really look at it is it’s just energy. It’s literally just qualities of energy. So a man has feminine energy as much as a woman has masculine. And the way that I work with it, it’s more like philosophy based, and it’s the idea of duality yin and yang.

So to give some examples of the qualities, I’ll start with a masculine. So you understand the feminine part. Like the masculine part of us is the part that is more in this like rigidity. And it’s not a bad rigidity. It’s not negative. All of these energies masculine and feminine can have light and shadow aspects, right?

Like they can be seen as negative or positive, depending on how you express them. But it’s the part of us that masculine that can control focus, hold presence, be still plan organised. It’s goal focused. It’s oriented on a single goal. It’s this ability to like get sh*t done, basically. When we’re in work or boss mode we’re in our masculine, not fully. Because actually we can’t ever fully be in one energy with the still aspects of the other energy, there, even a yin and yang symbol. It’s like a, such a beautiful way to express this. Right. There’s like a little white in the black portion. There’s a little black in the white portion.

So it’s not just if you’re masculine, you’re not having any feminine, no, actually you’re a mixture of both. Every moment is asking for or demanding you to be in a different version of this energetic dance. So when I’m at work, I need to be more harnessing my masculine energy to keep that focus.

But also if my work is creative-based, I want to draw from my creativity and my ability to be in that like curious energy, which is feminine energy within the work. So recognising that it’s not one or the other.

You’ve been living in Bali for about five years now, what made you make the move?

I came here on a retreat myself, I don’t know how many, maybe eight years ago. And I honestly was like, I need to leave here. I felt so compelled to live here. I’m from a small country town in Australia. I do not come from a family who just like go globetrotting and live in international places. So it’s not like that was like a very accessible thing at the time, but it was just such a cool feeling.

And so a year later I moved here and it was a whole process of how to make that happen, but I made it happen because I wanted to, and I’ve stayed here because of the community of like-minded people.

What’s some advice you would offer yoga teachers or those considering even doing a teacher training?

Any desire you have, especially when it comes to your purpose and what you want to do know that it’s all play, be curious, like see how it goes. Just do the training, see how you feel, teaching, see how it feels doing that. See how long you want to do it for don’t have an attachment to how it should look to the fact that like, Oh, if I do a training, that means I have to be a teacher. Or just take it all as play because it really is and know that you’re receiving so many gifts. It’s not just a profession, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a way of life.

There’s so many gifts. And when you’re not attached to the outcome, how it should look, you know, like how am I going to earn money and this and that, and that if you have no attachment around it, then you can really just create it in a way that feels organic and natural and how it just. Yeah, wants to be in your life, whether you do a training and never teach, whether you do a training and that’s your whole job, whether it’s on the side, whether you do it for a little bit and change like that, doesn’t matter if you have the desire for it, go and play and see where that takes you.

You can find out more about Shae at her website claimingfeminine.com and follow her on Instagram at @shae_claimingfeminine.