Ethical yoga brands to buy

Ethics are an important part of life, regardless. But when you’re a yogi, choosing ethical yoga products is super important.

While no one is perfect (and I’m definitely not claiming to be), we can all do our little bit to help make the world a better place by what we wear.

And after a few years of trying and testing, these are my favourite places to get my yoga clothes from.

Indigo Luna

A super small family run business, Indigo Luna is a brand that aims to be everything but fast fashion.

They have unique designs but a lot of their range screams simplicity. Their products are made from recycled or organic materials and use only plant-based dyes (with no nasty runoff into water systems).

They also have a range of yoga pants and swimwear made from recycled fishing nets and water bottles.

Indigo Luna truly knows how to make beautiful, ethical wear out of what would normally be discarded products.


Active Truth

This stuff is made to last. With simplicity as a focus, they don’t believe in seasonal clothes, just ones that look damn good all the time.

Started in Queensland by Stevie and Nadia, Active Truth have a focus on creating long-lasting, high end activewear to last you yonks.

They also use compostable packaging, don’t include any swing tags on their range or any excess paper invoices with orders. They donate any excess material to a local refugee charity to use in sewing classes, and are working to begin using recycled fabrics towards the end of 2020.


Boody Eco Wear

You had me at bamboo. This stuff is so comfortable to wear honestly, I don’t want to take it off.

Using only natural fibres in their range of tanks, tops and leggings, Boody have you covered from top to toe – literally.

Boody products use no fertilisers, insecticides or pesticides so you aren’t putting any yucky things on your skin. They’re also fabulous for anyone with sensitive skin as all their products are hypoallergenic!

They commit to donating profits to 1% for the planet, an initiative to see businesses and individuals to make a conscious effort for the environment.


Dharma Bums

Fabulous yoga pants and prints without the cost to the earth.

Dharma Bums have some of the most beautiful yoga wear around, and do it all with a focus on a better tomorrow.

Known for their incredible prints, they use eco-friendly subliminal printing for their pants which uses less water, electricity and waste. The dyes are also non-toxic and cleaned up to 40 times to protect against pollution.

During the bushfires, they were even donating product to help make pouches and bandages for injured wildlife.


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F A B R I C F O R F A U N A We’ve watched helplessly as the inferno burns. We’ve seen people lose their lives, millions of animals perish, over 1,700 homes destroyed, and 10 million hectares of land decimated. We’re devastated. Our team is distressed. The only way through this is by combining our tools, hearts, resources and smarts to take action. We looked in our warehouse: we found 500 metres of natural bamboo fabric and a team desperate to help. So we are making marsupial pouches. Pockets of love for any injured Sugar Gliders, Possums, Wombats, Kangaroos and Bats. Colette, our pattern maker, developed a pattern in accordance with Wires guidelines. Ari, our fabric cutter, cut the fabric to size, and Kim, our machinist, along with local volunteers, is sewing the pouches. The rest of our team are preparing and distributing the pouches. Then we looked in our stockroom and found we have stacks of samples. So we are having a massive sample say where you can pay what you can, all funds raised will be donated to Wires. The sample sale will be held at our warehouse*, Friday 24 January, from 1-4pm. We won’t sit idly as these aggressive fires continue to destroy our sacred and ancient land. If you’ve given your time, your money or your love – thank you. It’s impossible to comprehend the loss so many people are facing, as well as our collective loss. If you want to sew your support, we’ve attached our pattern to our instagram story. Just drop them off or post them to our warehouse* and we’ll make sure they make it to Wires. With love, The Dharma Bums Team Dharma Bums Warehouse 2/22 Waine Street Freshwater NSW 2096

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Team Timbuktu

Melbourne born and bred brand Team Timbuktu is run by Rhianna who believes we should never have to compromise between style and sustainability.

Made from organic cotton and recycled products, the footprint compared to mass-produced items is minimal. And speaking of minimalism, their range is simple and beautiful without being overwhelming. If you’re truly a yogi that practices a minimalist lifestyle, Team Timbuktu is your go-to.

And worried about those microplastics still? They answer all your questions about that and how to care for your products and the environment in the best way possible.


Other notable mentions include Girlfriend Collective, Vege Threads and Nimble Activewear who all use natural or recycled fibres and fabrics and do their bit to help with making the world go round in a lighter way!

Happy ethical shopping!