Five hip opening yoga poses

When we sit all day or don’t move around a lot, our hips can feel stuck. As someone with big hips, I feel like mine need a lot of attention!

I remember reading somewhere that our hips are like lotus flowers. They can’t just be broken open or cracked, they must allow time to bloom.

These simple stretches and movements can help alleviate pain and help your beautiful hips blossom like they were meant to!

Standing Twist

Standing with your feet hip distance apart, put a slight bend in your left knee and come onto the fingertips of the left hand. Open up to the right side, raising your hand to the sky, looking up if your neck allows it.

Repeat on the right side.

standing twist

Triangle pose (Utthita Trikonasana)

Take your feet about a metre apart, turning your left foot out with the toes pointing the front of the mat, and the right foot parallel with the back of the mat. Keep the legs straight.

Taking your arms out wide to the side, lean from your waist towards the left side of the room, then taking your hand down to rest lightly on your shin or your thigh (or the floor if you have the capability!)

Using your leg strength to come back up to centre, turn the right toes and out and the left toes in and repeat on the right side.


Seated side angle

Sit cross legged on your mat. Lift both arms up to the sky, then place your left hand to the left of your body, leaning into your elbow, staying for two breaths. Use your core to lift yourself back up and go to the right side.

Repeat seeing if you can eventually get your elbow all the way to the ground.

seated side angle

Butterfly Pose (Baddha Konasana)

Sitting on your mat, bring the soles of the feet to touch. Depending on your hip flexibility, your feet may be close or far away from your hips. This doesn’t matter.

Hold onto your feet and aim to sit up straight. You can flap your butterfly wings or lean forward for a forward fold to deepen the stretch.

bound angle pose

Knee to chest

Lying on your back with your legs out straight in front of you, bring your right knee into your chest, hugging it in nice and close. Keep the toes on both feet flexed. To deepen the stretch, bring your knee closer to your armpit.

Stay here for 10 deep breaths and then swap to the left leg.

knee to chest

15 minute hip opening practice