The 24 most powerful things I learned from Yoga Teacher Training

I kept a pretty full on journal whilst on Yoga Teacher Training. I wrote down each day what I learned, what was the best part of the day, what challenged me the most and what’s the one thing I could take away from the day.

We had so many brilliant teachers come in and fill our brains with yogi wisdom, anatomy knowledge, asana imperatives and so much more. With all of that wisdom can come some really powerful messages.

I’ve compiled my favourites below. I hope they mean as much to you as they do to me.


Everyone finds yoga in their different way. 

There’s no right or wrong reason to be here.

A good teacher depends on who I am when I’m teaching, not what my yoga looks like.

Before I can teach, I need to understand myself.

Be serious about your practice, but not serious about life.

To keep flowing, even when you hit an obstacle.

Yoga is a safe place to practice life.

To practice and develop curiosity and see within.

Practice acceptance of who I am without looking at what I am.

Yoga helps you be able to deal in the world and stand open when the world closes in on you.

In yoga, there is no end goal. That’s why it’s a practice.

Sometimes yoga isn’t easy, because sometimes life isn’t easy.

While the philosophy of yoga is an ancient practice, the poses are really only 100 years old…

Yoga is not a one size fits all. Bodies are not made to to everything.

Yoga is about practice, not perfection.

Resting when you need to is important.

Not to jump to conclusions.

Self practice will help you learn what feels good in your own body.

It’s called yoga practice, not yoga perfect.

Not to worry about the ‘if’s’ in life.

It doesn’t matter what you know, it’s who you are when you’re teaching.

You know enough right now.

Just because you don’t feel like you’re good enough, doesn’t mean you are.

You can get through anything.