Hip stretches for office workers

Sit at a desk all day? Free up your hips with these simple movements (and remember to hop up from your desk every now and then!)

Shoulder stretches for Office Workers

When hunching over a computer or notebook, our shoulders can get tight and sore. These simple stretches will help free you up in no time!

Full body stretch + workout

If you feel like you just need a good stretch, this practice is for you! It will open up your front and back body leaving you feeling long and supple.

Heart Opening practice

If you’re feeling like you need to give yourself or the universe some love, use this sequence as an opportunity to open your heart (and stretch out your front body).

15 minute Shoulder opening sequence

Stretch out your shoulders and your upper back and work on creating some space where things get stuck with this nourishing practice.

15 minute hip opening sequence

Hips can’t be cracked open, but they can be gently loosened to blossom over time. This hip-opening sequence is a nice one to come back to every now and then to alleviate any lower back pain and open up any tight areas.

Sun Salutation Sequence

This (roughly) 20-minute practice is your go-to when you were supposed to hop up early for a yoga class or gym session… but you slept in. Short enough to do before work in the morning, long enough to get your heart rate up.

Good Morning Yoga Sequence

Good morning yogis! Stretch out any kinks that may have formed overnight all while preparing your body for the day ahead.

Goodnight practice for better sleep

Wind down your body from whatever day you may have had, and prepare yourself for sleep with this dreamy sequence.